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House Plans For Ireland

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New Houses Plans sources architect house plans that are designed to suit the Irish context and lifestyle. We source new house plans for the Irish context from Irish architects who understand the needs of an Irish family combined with what it takes to get through the planning process.

Our designs:

  • are presented as an immersive 3D video 

  • include full design drawings and builder  information sheets

  • can be customized affordably later


This is the new way of getting your home design quickly and affordably.

Featured Designs

M37-100_Thumbnail Ext01.JPG


263 Sq. metres (2834 Sq ft) 

5 Bed, 4 Bath

2.5 Storey

19.85m long x 17.3m deep

Mod32_107_View Extrnl_3_loRes_10Aug2021.JPG

Meadow Steps

254 Sq. metres (2734  Sq ft) 

4 beds, 3.5 baths

1 Storey -split over 3 levels

23.8m long x 22.8m deep


Due South

147 Sq. metres (1584 Sq ft) 

3 beds, 2 baths

1.5 storeys

20m long x 12.2m  deep

M34-300_CGI_External View_2021-02-24-12-50-00.jpg


79 Sq. metres (850 Sq ft) 

1 Beds (+ loft), 1 Bath

1.5 Storeys (split level)

6m long x 11m deep



254 Sq. metres (2,734 Sq ft) 

5 beds, 4 baths

2 Storys

12.3m long x 23.2m deep

528-106_3D View_Extnl_Garden Side_4.JPG

Stone and Mist

230 sq.metres (2375 sq ft)

4 Bed, 3.5 Bath

2 Storeys

19.3m long x 8m deep.

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