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How does New House Plans work?
How it works

Our process is simple


1. Choose from our range of ready-made plans and buy the one you like best.
All design plans are presented as 3d videos making it easy to understand how the house flows...

2. Order your Changes.
Choose the changes you want from our Change Menu to personalise the design for your site, your family lifestyle, or even your way of building. Changes are quick and affordable and can be made in a few days. 

3. Get your final design by email:

We deliver your design in the following formats -

  • immersive 3D experience in your browser

  • full set of design drawings (in PDF)

  • builder information sheets  (in PDF)

Why Choose Our House Plans?
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Great Design

How you live is unique to each family and it's important that your new house facilitates all the activities and requirements of your daily lifestyle. Our design plans accommodate your need for great rooms, good circulation and flexibility in how they are laid out and how the spaces relate to each other. 

Each design plan is a unique response to a particular site condition be it slope, access, dimension or view. Our designs take into account how modern families live, the need for different types of spaces, for  flexibility and how important it is to have a good relationhip with the outside. 


You can choose a plan to suit your favourite style, and your  individual preferences on everything from lifestyle and privacy right down to pets and guests.

Designed by Architects

Each solution has been designed by a licensed architect for a site and situation just like yours. You can pick a project that best suits your own needs,  your site and your budget.

Architects are experts in making the most of a customer's unique requirements and desires. Their designs try to turn limitations and problems into opportunities. We absolutely believe that an architect's quality design will make your daily life better.


Try it - you’ll see.

Plans in Modern Flexible Formats

New House Plans delivers designs in modern usable formats that help you shape your design in intuitive, easy-to-understand ways that work across your devices.

You can buy your bespoke design plans as PDFs, blueprints, high quality renderings, and movies. We can even have 3D printed physical models delivered to you, as well as providing you with  a schedule of materials, energy performance analysis, and cost information.


New Design

Keep up-to-date with new design announcements.

Register for email alerts when new design plans are added.

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